Company Introduction

CTT is one of the plastics companies capable of giving customers a complete solution through closed processes from the mold design, mold manufacturing, sampling, production of plastic products with injection, blow, printing, labeling technologies on modern lines.

With the motto of production “Reputation, Quality, Price” CTTT always ensures the interests of customers using the company’s products. Therefore, CTT has invested and updated constantly production lines and machinery from Japan, Taiwan, Korea, to ensure accuracy, uniformity and high efficiency during production. With the above process we always have high quality products, and active time delivery.

Furthermore, the setup and development of a quality management system are also strictly directed by the company’s Board of Directors in a rigorous way. Currently, CTT is qualified for several quality management systems, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14000, ISO 17025, GMP … along with a team of skilled, qualified, enthusiastic, dynamic and creative engineers, with many years of experience in the field of manufacturing industrial plastic products, household plastic goods, etc. In addition, CTT always researches, explores, innovates, and continuously improves techniques to create more high-quality products.

At present, CTT’s products are increasingly creating the trust of customers in the market, confirming the prestige of quality, to meet the requirements of customers’ design, type and volume of products.  To illustrate, CTT is one of the reputed suppliers of a number of domestic companies as well as several multinational corporations such as Castrol BP, Shell, Honda, Yamaha, Total, Motul, Unilever, SC Johnson & Son, Unza, Syngenta, LG Vina, Net, Lix, My Hao, Paint Expo, Tison, etc. In 2010, especially, CTT was certified “Preferred Supplier 2010” among top 12 largest suppliers of Unilever VN.

Not only focusing on developing domestic market, Chan Thuan Thanh Plastic is also expanding and confirming its position in the international market. By improving product quality, design and prestige, Chan Thuan Thanh Plastic has received many supports of international customers. Our products have exported to many places on the world such as Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Dubai, Australia….

With the experience and continuous efforts to improve our quality, Chan Thuan Thanh Plastics is becoming a reliable partner for domestic and international customers.

Oriented development

Oriented development in 2015-2020:

– Investment and expansion of workshop: Upgrade mould department with top new Japanese CNC machines, wirecut, and EDM, etc. Build a new factory in Long An Province.

– Promote the development of CTT brand: Building, developing the brand image is the major business strategy of the CTT by investing necessary activities to increase product differentiation to be the priority to customer choice and customer satisfaction with the product quality as well as style our dedicated and friendly service.

With the strategic vision as to become the top manufacturer of plastic industry and household products in Vietnam and worldwide, we believe that production activities have to grow both in width and in depth. As a result, the Board of Directors together with foreign experts regularly organize some training programs to improve the management staff and skilled workers to make sure that all the company’s activities more complete. Apparently, CTT has constantly expanded its production scale, upgraded and replaced outdated machinery and equipment. Consequently, CTT chooses to apply modern production technology, enhance product quality, and increase the competitiveness of products in the market so that CTT brand will be at stable position, which confirms the advantage of product quality to achieve high trust of customers both domestic and abroad.